Natural Remedies For Acne

By | December 16, 2019

Acne is the most common form of skin condition that usually occurs in teenage women. Usually, the appearance of acne resembles tiny red blisters. It can appear on the shoulders and upper arms, chest and pustules or large nodules on the face. This skin condition usually affects teenagers and decreases with age.

Acne is usually related to the skin disease of the oil-secreting glands. There are eruptions on the face, neck and shoulder and sometimes it also leaves scars. The scars sometimes lead to penetrating pain and irritation. Sometimes these scars make the physical appearance ugly and disfigured. Sometimes acne makes the patient feel uncomfortable.

Usually, the main cause of this acne is the hormonal inheritance problem. Sometimes acne can occur due to other reasons such as infections, pollution, use of greasy creams or foods, and tight fits. It can be caused by excess sebum due to constipation, fluctuation of hormones in adolescence and bottleneck of the pores.

The problem of acne can be easily treated with the help of natural aids. In severe cases, permanent healing can take some time. Some of the main natural remedies

  1. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits along with plenty of water. It prevents constipation and therefore the appearance of acne.
  2. Acne can be treated easily by drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice daily.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel is an effective natural remedy for acne treatment.
  4. Make a paste out of grams of flour and raw milk. Apply this paste to the affected area. It is an effective natural cure for acne.
  5. Prepare a paste from oatmeal and yogurt. Apply this paste on your face or on an affected area. To treat acne, it is an effective natural and home remedy. After application, let the paste dry and wash off with lukewarm water.
  6. Golden Glow capsules are also very effective in treating the acne problem. It removes acne from the root by cleansing the blood and eliminating infections and bacteria. It also prevents further outbreaks. It gives your face extra shine.
  7. The use of fresh mint juice is also effective for treating the acne problem. It can be used every day and also at night.

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